The closed and suspicious government of the Socialist republic of Vietnam has long been secretive about its Orders and Decorations. Only when the Vietnamese publication, Huan Chuong Huy Chuong, issued by the Institute of Orders in Hanoi finally reached our shores was some light shed on this area. This section of our web site documents the official Orders and Decorations of the Socialist republic of Vietnam. In a number of cases, these Orders and Decorations include those issued by the Viet Minh and the Viet Cong. These medals (orders and Decorations) featured here have all been adopted as “official” by the Hanoi government.

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Ho Chi Minh Order, Independence Order 2nd Cl., and Achievement Medal 3rd Cl.

Labor Order 2nd Cl. and Fatherland Order 2nd Cl.

Gold Star Order Version 2 (2003)

Gold Star Order (Type 1), Ho Chi Minh Order (Type 1), and Independence Order

Ho Chi Minh Order Type 2 2003 and Independence Order Type 2 2003

New 2003 Issues: Order of Bravery (single class), Protect the Fatherland Order (3 classes) and revised Soldier of Glory Order (3 classes)

Revised Combatant Order (3 classes) and Revised Security of the Fatherland Order (single class).

Labor Order, Military Exploit Order, and Victory Order

Combatant Order, Resistance Order and Soldier of Glory Order

Friendship Order, NLF Fatherland Order, and NLF Liberation Exploit Order

NLF Brass Fortress Order, NLF Resolution for Victory Order, and NLF Liberation War Exploit Order

NLF Liberation Order, NLF Soldier of Liberation Order, and Hero of the Armed Forces Decoration

Liberation Army Order, Fatherland Commemorative Decoration, and Liberation Army Decoration

Resistance Decoration, Soldier of Glory Decoration, and Victory Decoration

Banner of Resolution for Voctory, Decoration Friendship Decoration, and Security of the Fatherland Decoration

Heroic Mothers Decoration, POW Commemorative Decoration, and NLF Liberation Armed Forces Hero

NLF Liberation Decoration, NLF Resoltion for Victory Decoration, and Soldier of Liberation Decoration

Fatherland Order (Version 2)

Labor Hero

2003 Friendship Order and Friendship Decoration

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