Toubocanti Medal 1700

A circular medal, AKA the Darien, Scotland Medal, was produced in both gold and silver and was awarded to officers under Captain Campbell who fought the Spanish around the unsuccessful Scottish settlements on the Isthmus of Darien (Panama) during February 1700. Campbell received the gold medal and his officers received silver medals.

Toubocanti Medal

The obverse of the 56mm medal by Martin Smeltzing depicts a Highlander in nautilus shell, helmet and scallop shell mail standing on a parapet watching as Alexander Campbell's Scottish forces overrun the Spanish Fort of Toubocanti and defeat 1,600 Spaniards. The riband above bears the inscription, QUID NON PRO PATRIA. (What Not For The Fatherland). Below the Highlander, the inscription reads, TOUBOCANTI UBI 1600 HISPAN FUDIT DUX ALEXANDER CAMPBELL . MDCC . 8 . FEBR (At Toubucanti, Where Captain Alexander Campbell Put to Flight 1,600 Spaniards, 8 Feb. 1700).

The reverse presents the Arms of the African and Indian Company of Scotland, containing a Saint Andrew's Cross with ship, camels, and elephant. Supporters are an African holding an elephant tusk and an American Indian holding a cornucopia. Above this is a rising sun on a helmet and the inscription on a riband, QUA PANDITUR ORBIS (Wherever The World Extends, United Strength Is More Powerful). The riband below reads, VIS UNITA FORTIOR. (Power Stronger by Union). Some examples are fitted with a loop for mounting.

In 1700, Scotland and England were separate kingdoms, and this colonization attempt, involving two groups of 1,200 settlers each, was one of the last ambitious projects that was wholly Scottish. The Darien, Panama, colony was an unmitigated disaster despite a hopeful beginning. The tropical climate, insects, and disease decimated the poorly prepared Scots who were denied any help by the English colonies in the West Indies. Captain Campbell arrived with an army from his own estate with whom he had served in Flanders. He struck rapidly with a force of 200 men. The surprise routed the Spanish garrison. Campbell's victory was followed by the ultimate defeat and flight of the settlers. Upon his return to Scotland, Campbell received a grant of Arms and a gold medal from the African Company of Scotland.

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