Admiral Edward Montagu Medal (1658)

Also designed by Thomas Simon, the gold obverse features the bust of Admiral Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich (1625-1672), and is inscribed on the reverse, ED . MOVNTAGV TRIBVNVS . EQVITVM CLASSI . BRITANNICAE . AERARIOQ . PRAEFECTVS . NECNON . SERMO : DNO : PROTECTORI . A . SACRIS . CONSII . AETA . 33 . 1658 (Ed. Montagu, Colonel of Cavalry, Admiral of The British Navy, Commissioner of the Treasury, Besides One of the Privy Council , of the Most Serene Lord Protector 33. 1658). In 1750, a poor quality imitation was produced with a larger bust and with the ED. changed to F.D. The medal is fitted with a mounting ring.

Admiral Edward Montagu Medals

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