Early Commonwealth Naval Medals Awards & Commemoratives

The Dangers Averted Medal 1589
Attributed to Nicolas Hilliard (1547-1619), the Danger Averted Medal, marking the defeat of the Spanish Armada, can be found in gold, silver and copper. It was a cast and chased medal and has to be England's first naval award medal, although the distribution was not exclusive to men of the sea. Elizabeth established the standard of distribution which appears to reflect the station of the recipient and it was followed for the next 200 years or more.

The Dangers Averted Medal

The 46mm x 43mm medal commemorates the escape from the danger faced with Spanish sea power. The obverse features a Bust of Queen Elizabeth I, almost full face, holding an orb and scepter, crowned, ruff open in front, erect behind, gown puffed in diamond-shaped pattern and jeweled. The curved inscription on the obverse reads, DITIOR . IN . TOTO . NON . ALTER . CIRCVLVS . ORBE (No Other Circle in the Whole World More Rich.) The reverse depicts a bay tree undamaged by lightning and winds, flourishing upon an island and inscribed below, NON . IPSA . PERICVLA . TANGVNT (Not Even Perils Touch It). There are two ships in the distance and the initials, E.R. (barely visible on many examples) one each on either side of the tree. Leaves border the entire reverse.

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