Battle of the 1st of June #2 (1745)

The second bronze medal, commemorating Admiral Richard Howe and the Battle of the Glorious First of June 1794, bronze, engraved by Conrad Heinrich Kuchler, minted at the Soho Mint, Birmingham, England, 1794.

The Second Battle of the 1st of June Commemorative

The obverse has an effigy of a profile of Admiral Howe and the legend, RIC.COMES HOWE THALASSIARCHA BRITAN and below, PATRIAE DECUS ET TUTAMEN. The engraverís initials are marked on the arm of the figure. The reverse depicts a naval battle scene and the legend, NON SORTE SED VIRTUTE above and in the exergue, GALLOR.CLASSIS PROFLIG. / DIE I JUNII / MDCCXCIV. The engraverís name is underneath the battle scene. The rim is raised and the edge is plain.

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