Admiral Dilkes' Gold Medal for Service 1703

Admiral Dilkes' Gold Medal for Service

A large gold medal awarded to Admiral Dilkes and some of his officers for service during the War of Austrian Succession (1701-1714), in particular, their success near Granville in Normandy during July 1703. Dilkes destroyed a French convoy and escorting warships off of Cancale Bay (Brittany, France).

The 70mm, gilded medal depicts Queen Anne, crowned and robed and the inscription, ANNA DEI GRATIA MAG: BRITAN: FRA: ET HIB: REGINA. The reverse of the medal pictured is inscribed, Her Majties Reward To Capt. James Lempriere For His Zeal To Her Service And His Successful Conducting Ye Squadron Commanded By Rear Admiral Dilkes Who Destroyed A Considerable Number Of Ye Enemy's Merchant Ships Under Convoy Of 3 Men Of War On Their Own Coast. Below on a riband the motto, TRUE TO MY TRUST.

There is no official record of the medal being granted. A gold medal was specially struck for both Captain Thomas Legge and Captain James Lempriere, who distinguished themselves under Rear Admiral Dilkes in 1703. The Queen ordered gold medals to be struck on this occasion and delivered to the Rear Admiral and all his officers.

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