History of the Danish Defense Medal in Pictures

Original Proposed Design* and the Original Defense Medal 1991

1996 Modifications

1996 Defense Medal of Valor** and 1996 Defense Medal for Fallen or Wounded Service Personnel

Modifications 2002-2005 and 2005-2009

2002-2005 Additional Classes of Defense Medal Service Ribbons for Exceptional Meritorious Service and Very Meritorious Service

2005-2009 Defense Medal Service Ribbons for Third and Second Awards

2010 Revised Medal System

The Minister of Defense Medal, The 2011 Cross of Valor, and The 2010 Defense Medal for Fallen Service Personnel

The 2010 Defense Medal for Wounded Service Personnel, The 2010 Defense Medal for Excellent Service, and The 2010 Defense Medal for Meritorious Service

Bravery Cross Ribbon

2010- Defense Medals for International Service***

Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Lebanon

Libya, Ocean Shield, and RECSYR-Syria

Operation INHERENT RESOLVE and Individual or Small Mission

2015 Addition

The 2015 Medal for International Service 1948-2009

Award Document to Foreign Recipient and Presentation Case

* - Photo montage using the Danish Defense planchet image as reprinted in Ordenhistorisk Tidsskrift with permission of the Orders and Medals Society of Denmark

** - The 1996 Medal of Valor was continued as part of the revised 2010 medal system

*** - Multiple tours are now indicated by Arabic numerals on the ribbon drape

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