WW I Hellenic Red Cross Medal to American Nurses

The Hellenic Red Cross 1916-1920 medal was instituted in 1920 and was awarded to Red Cross Nurses who served on the fronts during World War I (1916-18 after military hospitals were established in Salonica), the Campaign in Russia (Russian Civil War 1919), and the Asia Minor Campaign (Greco-Turkish War 1919-22).

American Red Cross Nurse Emily Simmonds at Salonica

Hellenic 1916-1920 Red Cross Medal with Clasp Epidemics

The obverse of the Greek medal features a red enamel Geneva Cross surrounded by a wreath and the inscription HELLENIC RED CROSS 1916-1920. The reverse contains five straight-line Greek place names translated to English as: (1) MACEDONIA; (2) EPIRUS; (3) THRACE; (4) ASIA MINOR and (5) THESSALY. Three clasps (DEVOTION, FRONT, EPIDEMICS) were initially authorized for award with the medal based on individual eligibility. Later, a fourth medal clasp, SOLIDARITY, was also authorized.

Close-up of Obverse and Reverse

Hellenic Red Cross 1916-1920 with Four Clasps

The medal was awarded to eight American nurses who served during WW I: Mary L. Boyle, Margaret Dingledine, Gerardine Grumdy, Elisabeth Murlles, Minta Reinhart, Mand Revel, M. S. Spellinan, and Edna Steiger. Scant information about this group or their duties is available.

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